luni, 27 februarie 2017

Safe Self-driving Cars

Autonomous cars are here now, driven by a gold-rush opportunity for transportation-related industries to reduce or even eliminate the high economic cost of human drivers. Self-driving cars also create a significant side benefit to internet-related industries: capturing six billion additional minutes of concentrated click-time per day, in the U.S. alone.

The industries pushing this transportation revolution from the top down claim they are doing so altruistically to save lives, but too often that claim reveals itself to be pre-textual--either because their actions belie their words, or because we could adopt less-disruptive, less-expensive life-saving options today if reducing deaths were the actual goal. Most press and government regulation covering autonomous technology is fawning and accommodating, respectfully, not healthily skeptical nor productively adversarial. This still-experimental technology is now deployed on pubic streets based on misleading statistics, conflicting relationships between technologists and elected officials, and without sufficient critical review by state agencies, potentially placing people in harm's way. was created not to stifle this technology, but to honestly address law and policy related to consumer-side interests of autonomous car safety first, as well as implications for privacy, liability & accountability, economics, and insurance.

J.S. McPherson, founder of is an attorney and legal consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area with 21 years experience in large and small firms, representing people and businesses in both litigation and transactions, now devoted full-time to the advancement of autonomous car safety, manufacturer accountability, and the formation of a body of law that fairly balances responsible innovation and consumer protection. Follow on Twitter @SafeSelfDrive, or inquire regarding services to

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