duminică, 19 martie 2017

3 Weekend Update

Two years in a row the climate cooperated with us at Rutgers.  It was an superior weekend.  I do not imagine we had a greatest Pitt displaying for the Season Opener however those that got here out have been able to race.  Our greatest consequence within the TT was Andrew Seitz, bringin' residence a 13th place.  Satirically, we (Andy and I) rode virtually precisely the identical time besides I used to be a fraction of a second slower.  So... I settled with 14th.  The Crit was completely different than final 12 months however it was positively thrilling.  The Males's A squad put two riders within the prime 10 and three within the prime 20.  Seitz = sixth; Nik = eighth, me = 16th
Steph Stambaugh muscled her option to a 4th place.  Candy.  Subsequent day was additionally good climate however our racing sucked.  Andy and I missed the transfer.  I do not keep in mind our putting off the highest of my head however someplace far again.  blah.  Total, a profitable weekend for Pitt.  Might there be a Pitt Males's A workforce at nationals!?

The workforce at Steph's home.


Columbia/ Stevens.  It was epic.  In all probability the second worst climate I've ever rode in behind Yale.  So far as  I do know Seitz, our new Males's Intro rider Dave Kugelman, and I have been the one riders to take part in Columbia's hurricane race.  Dave pulled out a third place which was positively a spotlight to the weekend as Seitz and I missed one other 4 man transfer with 2 former Pittsburghers.  (Alex Cox and Aaron Meyers)  Driving again to Stephs home the balm burned dangerous.  Stevens placed on a brand new race course for us that was a ton of enjoyable and disgrace on all those that missed it.  Sadly, it got here to a subject dash and Andy and I completed each someplace within the prime 20.  It was a loooooonnnnggg drive residence.

NO photos as a result of this weekend sucked.

And final weekend was superior!  We stayed at Cohen's home which was higher than any 5 star lodge.Philly Phlyer rocks!  It is sorta shut, the climate was lovely and the programs have been superior.  The lads's A workforce lit it up within the TTT and took a second place.  I'm nonetheless sorta curious of how we pulled it off however nonetheless we scored some workforce factors.  Steph and Amy represented the Ladies's A TTT.  Additionally bringing residence some factors.  The circuit is nice two cool climbs on each side and I made the transfer (FINALLY) and ended up ending eighth.  Seitz, Samson, and Nik all completed within the subject.  The crit the following day was loopy, a number of turns, tremendous quick.  Sadly, we had two riders go down.  Amy and Andy.  They each appear to be okay, the same old...street rash, some cuts and a few bike injury however nothing everlasting.  Hopefully, they are going to be again to full power very quickly.  I believe the race of the day goes to Zerby who killed it within the Males's D subject.  He missed the 9 man transfer and drove the chase subject all day and nonetheless w
on the dash taking residence a prime 10.  Candy.

Andy, Samson and I.  Nik was simply behind.

marți, 7 martie 2017

mac pro

Spendtastic dudes who splurged on the Eight Core Mac Execs revealed earlier this month have an additional shock for them: 64-bit boot camp assist. The Boot Camp set up discs have 64-bit Vista drivers on board, which means you may load up Microsoft's 2^6 bit OS with little to no issues in your silver cheese-grading behemoth.Spendtastic dudes who splurged on the Eight Core Mac Execs revealed earlier this month have an additional shock for them: 64-bit boot camp assist. The Boot Camp set up discs have 64-bit Vista drivers on board, which means you may load up Microsoft's 2^6 bit OS with little to no issues in your silver cheese-grading behemoth.

luni, 27 februarie 2017

eBay Acquires Fraud Sciences For $169 Million

eBay through Paypal has acquired fraud detection provider Fraud Sciences Ltd for $169 million.

Israel and Palo Alto based Fraud Sciences offers automated anti-fraud systems including SpotLight VFX and SpotLight T2T, merchant solutions the provide transaction verification with fraud prevention. In an October 2007 profile, Israelplug said that Fraud Sciences products “help online retailers verify the identity of buyers and accept orders that they would have seen as suspicious in the past - thus enabling them to increase their sales.”

eBay said the acquisition will assist them in significantly improving trust and safety across its sites in 2008. Fraud Sciences’ risk tools will be integrated with PayPal’s fraud management system.

Personnel from Fraud Sciences, including Yossi Barak, Fraud Sciences’ COO, and founders Shvat Shaked and Saar Wilf, will join PayPal’s technology and fraud management teams.

This acquisition is expected to be completed within 30 days.

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Safe Self-driving Cars

Autonomous cars are here now, driven by a gold-rush opportunity for transportation-related industries to reduce or even eliminate the high economic cost of human drivers. Self-driving cars also create a significant side benefit to internet-related industries: capturing six billion additional minutes of concentrated click-time per day, in the U.S. alone.

The industries pushing this transportation revolution from the top down claim they are doing so altruistically to save lives, but too often that claim reveals itself to be pre-textual--either because their actions belie their words, or because we could adopt less-disruptive, less-expensive life-saving options today if reducing deaths were the actual goal. Most press and government regulation covering autonomous technology is fawning and accommodating, respectfully, not healthily skeptical nor productively adversarial. This still-experimental technology is now deployed on pubic streets based on misleading statistics, conflicting relationships between technologists and elected officials, and without sufficient critical review by state agencies, potentially placing people in harm's way.

SafeSelfDrive.org was created not to stifle this technology, but to honestly address law and policy related to consumer-side interests of autonomous car safety first, as well as implications for privacy, liability & accountability, economics, and insurance.

J.S. McPherson, founder of SafeSelfDrive.org is an attorney and legal consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area with 21 years experience in large and small firms, representing people and businesses in both litigation and transactions, now devoted full-time to the advancement of autonomous car safety, manufacturer accountability, and the formation of a body of law that fairly balances responsible innovation and consumer protection. Follow on Twitter @SafeSelfDrive, or inquire regarding services to jsm@safeselfdrive.org.

marți, 3 ianuarie 2017

Nimic nu este mai placut decat sa ai multumirea ca ceea ce faci este potrivit pentru tine.
La Selen Studio ne mandrim cu faptul ca oferim o atmosfera placuta de lucru, tehnologie de ultima generatie reinnoita cel putin de doua ori pe an, bonusuri de performanta si spontane si nu in ultimul rand intelegere.
Suntem UMANI, iar asta ne diferentiaza de celelalte studiouri.
Da-ne o sansa. Cauta-ne.
0734 959 924/ 0760 179 243
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